Massage Balance offers fully customized therapeutic massages and body treatments designed to help you unwind, relax, and return to a perfectly centered and balanced you. We strongly believe in the power of touch, with its ability to use energy to initiate a change in someone not only physically, but also emotionally. Our approach is to consider the person as a precise and unique being that deserves a holistic and complementary natural way to wellness. Taking the time and effort to truly listen to what you need is essential in tailoring your session to your specific wants and needs. Our promise is to help you achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals. We use our gift of intuition and our extensive knowledge of massage and bodywork techniques to help get you there.

More than just a physical experience, our therapists at Massage Balance are committed to your health and wellness, body, mind, and spirit.

Our Therapists

Meet Polissena

As a health and fitness enthusiast, Polissena knew that she wanted to have a career that centered around helping others achieve their highest health and wellness goals. This led her to the Bodywork Therapy Institute in North Carolina where she studied massage and bodywork therapy. As a very active person, she gravitated towards Myofascial Release, a safe and effective technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to the connective tissue of the body in order to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Polissena believes that in order for her to provide the highest quality therapy to her clients, she must first apply those principles to her own life which is why she dedicates much of her time to meditating, regular exercise, following a vegan diet, and practicing the art of chi gong. Her skills translate directly to her craft. Maintaining her fitness allows her to work with athletes, both professional and weekend warriors, providing stimulating therapeutic massages designed to enhance their performance as well as help them to recover from strain and injuries.

Her spiritual practices allow her to work very effectively with people who are experiencing painful or difficult changes in their lives such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, as well as chronic stress and health issues. Her advanced education in Thai Massage, Cupping, and Hot/Cold Stone Therapy has been essential in her success working with these clients on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Meet Deshawn

Deshawn graduated from Lifestyles Learning Center, a private and holistic massage school in Illinois in 2006. The curriculum focused on a mind/body/spirit approach to the field of massage therapy. The intense program offered advanced studies in Touch for Health, a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life.

Due to the holistic nature of her massage training, Deshawn entered the massage field with a solid background and distinct advantage as a therapist who not only is knowledgeable about massage techniques and modalities, but who is able to connect deeply with her clients on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Her vibrant, welcoming energy helps to immediately set her clients at ease so they are better able to relax and really enjoy all the benefits massage has to offer. Listening intently and following through with a treatment plan specifically designed for each individual is Deshawn's greatest skill.

Deshawn has found much success in working with clients who suffer from chronic stress, chronic pain, and depression. Her overwhelmingly joyful energy, along with her advanced knowledge of various massage techniques including hot stone therapy, cupping, deep tissue, and therapeutic sports massage has garnered her a reputation as one of the best massage therapists in the area.

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